How Covid-19 is Impacting Different Industries

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in widespread concern and economic hardship for individuals, businesses, and communities around the globe.

The United Nations Labour Body (ILO) states that:


A sum of 195 million jobs are being threatened by the COVID-19, which means a significant income loss for the workers making the coronavirus pandemic the biggest hurdle known for the recruitment industry.


Even though the virus was estimated to wipe out 10% of the annual revenues in various sectors, not every industry had the same effects. Industries such as aviation and tourism seem to be the ones that were heavily impacted. In contrast, the others, including the education sector, have seemingly thrived in the current conditions.


Speaking of finding solutions to overcome the negative impact of such difficult times is to develop efficient solutions based on technological discoveries and development. In our innovative times, using machines such as Vaxipass and digital thermometers kiosks to screen a majority of people in public places and organizations can be effective in decreasing the impact of Coronavirus on people around the world. Using Vaxipass is perhaps the best way in which industries and businesses can make a comeback towards stability.

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