Antbox Mobile Mining Container – Your Very Own Movable Mining Farm

In the growing world of cryptocurrencies, crypto mining is getting more and more sophisticated. The comprehensive and computational processes required by miners and mining rigs call for lucrative efficiency and better Returns on Investment (ROI). Adding to the competition of the proof of work algorithm, higher performers are essential for providing elusive hash rates. To improve your mining pool performance, it is important to have the needed ledger size.


Crypto mining containers make large-scale mining and commercial cryptocurrency dealing hassle-free and flexible. It ensures security, enclosure, and portability for investors or mining enthusiasts. It’s great for amateurs because they come pre-programmed and can be plugged in to start mining right away!
A mining container is feasible and generally much cheaper. The ROI figures are great, and the mining strategy is completely profitable.

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain networks for storage and expansion. With the exponential growth in the use of digital currencies, the transactions and payments made with them also have grown. Owing to the extensive adoption of the profitable trend, storing the entire blockchain on every machine or device that runs your mining activity can be tedious.

Chances of mining newer blocks or moving to newer blocks on a blockchain node are quite low for the single or few mining nodes you might be using at home. As the number of nodes used increases, the chances for profits can also increase considerably. Using such nodes for cryptocurrency mining would require the usage of mining software on your computer with storage resources.

To help with automatic mining deployments, managing and monitoring clusters with these tasks is incomprehensive due to the scaling limitations. Tools like containers are used to manage and store each node, and the ledger potentially increases many folds.

Such drives with high Input /Output operations Per Second (IOPS) are more effective if they’re local. This helps compute the node while taking the advantages offered by container density. To increase performance and manage underlying storage effectively, a mining pool that’s running might rely on databases and queues while it works better, preferably with performance storage solutions.


Increasing overall pool performance:
Mining containers can increase the overall pool performance by using SSD and local disks that are not based on the network. Container density can be increased by not dedicating an entire disk per container and using cloud-based software. With specifically designed mining containers, miners can deploy mining operations much faster and do it economically. With seamless functioning, the profits are increased, productivity is extensive, and management is smooth, efficient, and simple.

The Bitmain Antbox Mobile Mining Container for Antiminer S17 S9 Avalon Bitcoin ASICMiner Antbox N5 from Viperatech is an efficient product for lower power consumption and higher hash rates. Now that you can avail your very own mining farm, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming process of constructing your own and have a professionally made one shipped to you. You don’t have to select from amongst the various options and worry about the complex features, connection, and assembly.

On-site inspection and customization:
The container can also be customized according to your needs and is guaranteed to be safe and durable. With a team to tailor-make the container with a proper inspection of your place, you’re sure to get the perfect fit and great quality. It has a large fan exhaust and, hence, excellent heat dissipation. This prevents any problems in running and programming and protects all the parts from heat damage.

Portable and ready to use:
Due to the availability of factory presetting, you can start using the product by plugging in without any additional setup yourself. They are also quickly deployed and can make your mining dreams become a reality in no time. The container and its contents are portable and, hence, can be moved at any time to any place as desired.

The strategic use of existing mining equipment fans, the container shelves, and electricity distribution systems are comprise of durable, and cost-efficient materials, saving on overall expenses and adds to the profits.

Space-saving and safe design:
The assembly capability is quite remarkable as it allows both vertical and horizontal layering, which can be done for your mining space. The mining container requires approximately 9 meters between air inlets of containers facing each other and a minimum of 6 meters between the air outlets of containers facing each other.

The overall design is safe and reliable with fireproof and retardant materials with an emergency pushrod lock. The top wiring and grid bridge make it great for cable cooling and, hence, prevents overheating. The design also has inbuilt identity management and cable management systems with water curtains and manual shutters for better dissipation.

The mining container also supports network isolation to prevent malware/ virus attacks and comes with an Intelligent Circuit Control System configuration for a multi-layer protection. The modular skeletal design has automatic temperature control and air outlet systems. The container is equipped with three-phase balance, phase-deficiency protection, and protection from short circuits, overvoltage, and voltage loss.

Considerate about the environment:
With the fables shutter design, you don’t have to worry about saving energy or electricity. The LED photo and money-saving design also ensure environmental protection with better power efficiency.

The installation can be easily transformed to support different mining equipment, which can become handy in the future, when new and more effective mining machines will be available on the market.

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