Our mission is to bring accessibility of crypto mining equipment to the average consumer

Inspur Mining  is China’s leading cryptocurrency Mining Hardware company set out to solve the problem of limited accessibility for the retail buyer in the crypto mining market.

Today Inspur Mining is able to place large bulk orders directly with manufacturers to make sure we have plenty of stock to sell to our customers at a reasonable price. We also occasionally buy used miners that are still in great working condition directly from mining companies that are replacing older equipment with newer equipment.

We then store products at our warehouses in China so they are ready to go out with express shipping.


Bedrock of the future financial system

Everybody knows the traditional banking business model is broken. The problem has been that nothing could replace it … until now. Every product and service offered by a bank can be improved upon by a service powered by a blockchain. As blockchains come to replace banks, this revenue will shift towards cryptocurrencies and their holders. It’s that simple.

We believe that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will result in the greatest technological revolution in human history, rivaled only by the invention of the printing press. In a world where governments print money like there’s no tomorrow, cryptocurrencies offer a path to freedom, prosperity, and opportunity.

Reaching financial independence and self-sovereignty. The most important thing you can do with your time right now is to educate yourself about this nascent industry. We once thought we had missed the boat on crypto – now we think it’s still day one. The more we research the more excited we am to be a part of this industry on the ground floor.

Payment Options & Pricing endeavors to offer you the most competitive prices on current products, your total order price will include the cost of the purchase plus any applicable sales taxes.

Payment can be made by Bitcoin at the moment, via our payment getaway.
As a company that sells Crypto mining equipment, we encourage customers to use Bitcoin as a payment option.

Bitcoin Payments
Payments are accepted through reliable payment gateways, that are safe and secure. The Bitcoin amount that corresponds to the total balance of your placed order will be provided upon checkout using the exchange rate of Bitcoin to GBP or USD in real-time. Due to the volatility of Bitcoin prices, orders are valid only for a certain period. Failure to make payment within a specified time may result in the manual processing of your order.

Paying with cryptocurrency can be much more convenient than using traditional payment methods. Here are a few reasons why:
-Transactions are quick and simple, with few minutes of confirmation. The transaction speed of different cryptocurrencies can range from a few seconds up to 10 minutes, and therefore will always be faster than a traditional bank transfer. On top of that, you don’t need any physical payment cards and chains of billing details to make the payment for your order.

At Inspur we implore you to decide for yourself whether or not mining suits your lifestyle and your long term financial goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.