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Shop our latest generation cryptocurrency miners which are small in design, have low noise levels and power consumption, The Goldshell KD6 29Th/s 2560W is here to provide efficient mining at home or the office.
Their simple operating system brings a high-quality experience with effortless user ability, high hash rate and are easy to mine anytime, anywhere.

Goldshell KD6 29Th/s 2560W
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Goldshell KD6 29Th/s 2560W (KDA)

The KD6 Miner from Goldshell mines the incredibly valuable Kadena coin with a maximum hashrate of 29.2 TH/s for a power consumption of 2560W.
This latest generation iteration from Goldshell has a significantly improved specification over the outgoing KD5, which provides a lower power consumption ratio and higher hash rate. As the most efficient and top-of-the-range Kadena miner outshining the nearest competition, is provides the highest profitability over any other ASIC on the market as long as KDA holds its value.

In stock units ship out 3-5 days after payment. Please note the futures batch delivery dates are provided as estimates based on production figures from Goldshell. Inspur Mining has secured a large allocation for resale as of December 2022 and spots are limited. Units will be provided to our clients based on order sequence from when we receive payment. Cancellations and returns are not accepted. We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT,USDC, DOGE and any other crypto. For volume orders, call us or fill out an inquiry form.

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